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Welcome Back to 2021 - 2022 School Year!

New students, freshmen and returning Mission High students will participate in an online “Maze Days” beginning August 12th . On that date, students and parents will be able to access their class schedule for the school year. This year, students will need to take photo ID pictures, secure lockers, buy PE clothes, and so on. Please make you have all signed all MAZE Day documents in order to get their schedule that day.

Information on schedule changes will be emailed via School Loop and on the MSJHS website as well.
Following the Maze Day, students will have an opportunity to come to campus to pick up their textbooks.
Every precaution will be taken to ensure a safe pickup; students will be spaced out into day/time periods,
spread out, and will be required to wear masks while on campus. There will also be alternate times to
pick up and those that cannot pick up books will have an opportunity to make arrangements with their

Students who are in need of technology such as a laptop, Chromebook, and/or Wi-Fi Hotspot can stop by
the library during their textbook pick up time to acquire one. Students can also reach out to their
administrator for assistance. If there are materials required for a class, the teacher will notify you of
those materials. We ask that families purchase materials if they are able (this can be in lieu of a donation
we ask for each year). We will work to keep the amount of materials to a minimum and will have extra
materials available for those who cannot purchase them. There will be a materials distribution day once
the school year begins (more on that in a future email communication).

We also encourage all students and parents to make sure to read and acknowledge MSJHS School Policies that are coordinated with current Board Policy and Student Handbook.

We have set up all the necessary registration form to MAZE online.  Parents who do not have access to the internet can pick up the forms from the main office beginning Wednesday, August 12th.

It is vital that you look at the Mission Possible and Boosters.  Please support BOTH groups generously. These two organizations spend all of their donated funds to directly benefit each one of our students.  Give generously to support students at Mission San Jose High.


Thank you.

Jeff Evans

Mission San Jose High School Principal