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Languages Offered

Students may enroll in any level 1 course without prior experience or teacher approval.

There is a placement test given in February for Chinese each year.  This test takes place at Mission San Jose High School in the FLEX room. Should you have any questions about it, please contact Ms. Zhang or Ms. Evans.


Languages & Levels

Spanish: levels 1-4; AP is level 5

French: levels 1-4; AP is level 5

Chinese: levels 1-4; AP is level 5

Japanese: levels 1-3; AP is level 4


Ohlone Credit

Concurrent enrollment is possible, but not guaranteed, for levels 3 & 4 of language courses, excluding AP classes. Incoming students may have the option to enroll in this course at the beginning of the school year if concurrent enrollment is available. Continuing students may enroll during the Spring prior to the next school year.

Ohlone courses are free to high school students and the coursework mirrors that of the current language class they are enrolled in at MSJHS. Students do not need to go to Ohlone's campus and they will receive one Ohlone grade for the year in addition to the FUSD transcript grade.