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Commonly Asked Questions

1) Can my student skip levels?

Students may not skip levels unless they are enrolled in an immersion program, are heritage learners or have received appropriate credit via an accredited school. Please see FUSD's policy on district approved courses. Students may not "self-study" as a means to test out of a language.

2) My child is currently in the Mandarin or Spanish immersion program within FUSD. How do I know which level they will be placed into at MSJHS?

In the Spring your child will be given a placement test to assess which level they should go into. Completion of the immersion program does not ensure that they will automatically be placed into level 3 once in high school.

3) Is there recognition for students who have earned a high degree of fluency in a language other than English?

Yes! Your student may qualify for the State Seal of Biliteracy on their high school diploma. 

4) How many years of a World Language does my child need to graduate?

FUSD requires 10 units (1 year) to meet the graduation requirements. Two years of the same language are required for CAL State University and the University of California (but they recommend 3 years). That being said, more is better; colleges recognize the dedication and perseverance required to pursue several years of a world language!

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