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Commonly Asked Questions


Q: Do you accept late work?

A:  Homework is expected to be completed & turned in when due

  • All late homework assignments will be worth 50% of point value & MUST be turned in before the unit test.  NO EXCEPTIONS!! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!! 


Q: Do you grade participation? 

A: Yes. In order to get full credit in your participation you need to:

  •  Be on time:
    • Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings.
      • If you are not through the door threshold when the bell rings, you will be marked tardy.
  • Come to class prepared: be ready to work.
  • Work on the classwork/task until completion before working on other classes’ assignments.
  • Asking/Answering questions and being part of the discussion.
  • Adhere to the class code of conduct:
    •  Students will conduct themselves in a manner that promotes learning not only for themselves, but others around them.  
      • Limit side conversations during instruction. 
        • Case-by-case instances will be addressed to the whole class and/or individuals. 
  • Respect the class as our biosphere:
    • We will be spending much of the year in our classroom environment and we should therefore do everything in our power to keep it clean.
      • This includes throwing away trash in their respective receptacles, Cleaning up any spills, Picking up trash if you see it, even if it is not yours, & Putting class materials away after they have been used before the bell rings.
  • Cell phones are not permitted during class time and will be stored in the Cell Phone Holder at all times unless otherwise specified by the teacher.


Q: Can you opt out of health for the semester?  

A: No, according to Board Policy ALL students are required to take Health in order to fulfill the High School requirements.


Q:  Can you preview the Family Health material?

A:  To preview the curriculum and to access provided parent resources, including the California Healthy Youth Act, go to There will also be hard copies in Jeana Nightengale’s office at MSJ to review.  


Q: Can you opt out of Family Health 

A: The Board of Education recognizes that Education Code 51240 states that “if any part of a school’s instruction in health conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian of a pupil, the pupil, upon written request of the parent or guardian, shall be excused from the part of the instruction that conflicts with the religious training and beliefs.” Also, Education Code 51938 states “a parent or guardian of a pupil has the right to excuse their child from all or part of comprehensive sexual health education, HIV/AIDS prevention education, and assessments related to that education.”