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Course Syllabus




Ms. Catherine Ruebling
phone:  510-657-3600, extn 37371

Ms. Lauren Ware-Hartbeck
phone:  510-657-3600, extn. 37041


Philosophy / Mission Statement

The mission of the FUSD Health Department is to provide each student with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and commitment to life-long learning.  Our Health Team works in conjunction with parents and the local community to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills to become career and college-ready graduates.  Our goal is for students to become contributing and productive members of society.  We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment promoting general health and well-being through information, activities, and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.



Units of Study

The class is divided into 5 units with Diseases mixed into each unit:  Mental Health, Nutrition, Drugs, Family Health and Safety.


Materials Needed

Pen, pencil, highlighter, 3-ring binder with 5 tabs.



Health students will be responsible on a weekly basis for assigned homework and test preparations and the completion of long and short-term projects.  All assigned homework will be governed by the Board Policy requirements for time spent by students.  Projects, both group and individual, will be factored into the time allotment.

  • I will not accept illegible work.  Homework must be completed & turned in when due
  • All late homework assignments will be worth 50% of the point value & MUST be turned in before the unit test.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Homework will be posted on Infinite Campus or in Google Classroom


Exams & Quizzes

Pop quizzes and quizzes will be strewn throughout each unit and exams are given on the last day of the unit studied.


Health Class Policies

  1. Always come prepared – You must have your Health binder, paper, and pens/pencils with you daily.
  2. Methods of Evaluation – All work is calculated on a point basis!
  • You are expected to complete all assignments on time.  Each assignment will be awarded a point value. The assignment is due on the due date. The only exception is for an excused absence.
    1. If you are absent from Health, but attend any part of the school day, you must drop off you Health homework so it will not be considered late.
    2. ABSENT WORK: (Class assignments & Tests) All assignments must be made up according to District policies for time allowances.
      • If you have the assignment, it is due the day you return to class after an illness.
      • If you were absent on the day the work was assigned, you will be allowed the same number of days to complete the assignment after you return as the other students originally had to complete the assignment.
      • Long-term Illness (more than 2 days) – arrangements will be made between teacher and student.
      • Tests missed due to illness must be made within 1 week of return or you will receive a zero.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
      • It is your responsibility to obtain missed work due to absences.  (Check the class log)
  1. Classroom Rules - RESPECT Yourself, RESPECT Others
  • If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy.
  • Keep your desk & the area around your desk clean. (NO TRASH on the floor)
  • You may snack in class but any mess left behind will result in consequences based on teacher discretion
  • No electronic devices of any kind out during class time! I keep iPods & cell phones until I have time to take them to your administrator.  They belong in your bag during class or in Cell Phone Jail and not on your desk!!
  • Class is NOT over until the teacher dismisses you.  Do NOT line up at the door waiting for the bell.
  1. Discipline Procedures – For minor infractions, such as excessive talking, texting, or disturbing class, a student will get 1 verbal warning.  IF the behavior continues, I will make a phone call home & detention may be given.  Class detentions are held before school or at lunch.  Tardies:  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy.  After 3 tardies, you will have to serve a 30-minute detention and a referral will be sent to your administrator.
  2. Cheating – On an assignment, project, quiz, or test will not be tolerated.  Students are expected to do their own work.  Cheating will result in a zero for both the person who gives and the person who receives the information, a phone call home, and notify the school administration.  2nd offense results in “0” units and an F on the report card.
                Cell phones in pockets during class constitute CHEATING! 

I understand that although I may be frequently reminded of these policies, I realize that I am solely responsible for my actions and the consequences that follow.

Students, please sign after reading the above statement. 

Student Signature:  ___________________________________________________________                                                                  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Ms. Ruebling or Ms. Ware-Hartbeck