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How much time should my student expect to spend on English homework each night?

9th through 12th-grade homework is based on the rigor of the student's course schedule.  Average homework time will be within the district adopted standards of 70-120 minutes per evening or 280-480 minutes per week. These minutes are based on time estimated for an average student working at an average pace.  Teachers will be mindful of assigning homework over the weekend, during breaks and vacations. Considerations are made for students with special needs.  AP classes will require additional minutes of homework. See MSJ’s homework policy here.


My student is struggling, what should I do?

The first point of contact should be the teacher of record. If students require additional assistance, there are several other resources on campus, including an advisory period, Writer’s Block, and Target Success.


My student is an English Language Learner, where can they receive more help?

English Language Learners (ELL) are welcome to come to room B24 during the Advisory period to receive tutoring and support from Ms. Weed-Wolnick, the ELL teacher.


What is the ELA Benchmark test?

This is a district created assessment. The data is used to guide instruction. More information can be found at the following link FUSD District Assessments.


How does the English department prepare my child to take the SAT?

We do not specifically prepare students for the SAT; however, all of our courses are rigorous and meet the Common Core State Standards.


Which English classes are weighted?

English 12AP and English 11H are the only weighted classes offered in the English Department.