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Testing and Homework

As much as possible, our department will give tests or summative assessments on even days of the week. We also try our best to avoid giving tests on Mondays. With regards to homework, we adhere to our Board policies. Typically, students can expect homework time between 70 to 120 minutes per evening, or 280-480 minutes per week. Homework for honors courses can be on the higher end of this range. These are estimates for an average student working at an average pace. Homework will not be provided during summer and winter holidays. Contact individual teachers for more information on homework for Honors and AP courses. 

Integrated Science 20
Biology 20 - 30
Honors Biology 20 - 30
Chemistry 20 - 30
Honors Chemistry 20 - 30
Physics 30 - 45
Anatomy/Physiology 45 - 60
AP Environmental Science* 50 - 60
AP Biology* 60
AP Chemistry* 60+
AP Physics* 45

Marked (*) significant extra time can be expected