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Junior Jump Start to College

The purpose of 'Junior Jump Start' is to bring awareness to all Juniors on campus about

  • The college admissions process, 
  • What to expect your Senior Year while filling out applications, 
  • A 'To-Do' College Timeline to guide your endeavor, 
  • Helpful tips to navigate the admissions process. 

Below you will find resources and events that will give you a jump start to college admissions. 

Jump Start Timeline

This timeline will assist you in managing the college application process without getting overwhelmed. If you follow this timeline you will be on your way to successfully completing the college application process. 

Advice to Juniors from Seniors                                              

Take a look at what Seniors considered to be helpful in the college application process. This advice will help guide you as you tackle the college application process.  

Choosing A College 

This document provides you tips and questions to consider when selecting a college that is right for you.   

Getting the Most Out of Your College Visits

Follow these tips to get the most out of your college visits.


College Vocabulary to Know