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Course Information and Registration

Below you will find tools to help guide you with your course selection throughout high school. Counselors meet with all students individually during their Sophomore year to go over and plan each student's course selection. Counselors are available to answer questions regarding course selection and encourage students to meet regularly throughout their time at Mission San Jose High School. 

Registration Information
All students registering for an AP Course must fill print, completely fill out, and attach the AP Contract to the top of their registration packet. 


Course Registration Information - Parent Presentation


Students Please Note the Following When Filling Out Your Registration Forms:

  • Write your name and ID # on the last two pages of your registration packet.
  • Do NOT use white out on your forms
  • Students selecting Honors and AP classes must commit to remain in those classes for the entire school year.
  • You must attach the AP Contract to the top of your registration packets if you are registering for AP classes
  • When you select an ROP course, you must have Mrs. Castillou’s signature from the Career Center.
  • Do not select Teacher Assistant (TA) as a class. You may apply with Mrs. Densmore once school starts.
  • If you are applying to Leadership 2, Journalism or Yearbook indicate the course you will drop if you get in to those programs.  For example: Psychology (Will drop for Journalism).