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Native Americans

Legends of America Native American Mythology and Legends page.

Library of CongressLibrary of Congress webpages on Native Americans. Use the menu on the left to expand or limit your search or the search bar to search a specific topic.

Native Languages of the America's List of American Indian Tribes and LanguagesClicking on the tribe link takes you to information about culture, literature and the arts, political and current events and more.


Native American Indian Resources

Very comprehensive resource with links to major native american authored sites. Including: stories, herbal knowledge, art, astronomy, first nations, native schools, food, and a large page linking to other native sites on the web.


Native American Sites

Contains links to "home pages of Native American Nations and organizations, and to other sites that provide solid information about American Indians" (topics include education, languages, media, festivals, music, businesses, and more). This site is no longer maintained. Some native groups might have more recent websites that can be found by searching a web browser.


Photos of Native American Dwellings

Traditional dwellings as well as homes and buildings located on reservations.