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MSJ Synapsis/Dissection Club Formation Petition
Posted 4/29/21

Hi MSJ students!


MSJ Synapsis/Dissection Club is a chapter of The Synapsis Foundation, a non-profit whose aim is to provide opportunities for students in the biology and biomedical fields through dissections, engaging service projects, internships, and more. MSJ Synapsis as a club is specifically focused on bringing biology, anatomy, and Biomed to the Mission community through dissections. 


In our monthly dissections, students will have the opportunity to learn about the anatomy, biology, and roles of different organs in the body, all while dissecting the specimen in guided instruction. Our club provides the opportunity to get interested in the medical field and field of biology by allowing students to discover the complexity of different organisms and organs through dissections and presentations. 


It would be amazing if you could sign our club petition to help get us to 200 signatures! The form is linked below and takes a short 30 seconds to fill out :)).