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Rare Disease Educational Workshops Starting FEB 22 from 3-4pm: Students For Rare Diseases
Posted 2/21/21

Join our Rare Disease Education Workshops from February 22-25 and learn more about rare diseases! Hear from prominent members from 4 esteemed rare disease organizations to learn more about the rare disease they represent and the type of work they're doing to help the cause. Scroll down to see which diseases will be represented at our event!


WHEN: February 22-25 from 3pm - 4pm




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We've invited distinguished members of 4 rare disease organizations to talk about the rare diseases in which they help research and fundraise for. Learn about RASopathy disorders (Monday), Congenital Muscular Dystrophies (Tuesday), Phenylketonuria (Wednesday), and Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation disorders (Thursday). They will discussing what each disease is, what their physiological effects are, what are the causes of each disease, and much more! In addition to this, they will be explaining what their organizations in particular are doing in order to help propel research and create supportive programs for those suffering from the diseases. Participants will then be able to ask them questions about the diseases and their work and then participate in fun Kahoot quizzes based on the presentations to win prizes!





Monday:  Lisa Schoyer and Beth Stronach, PhD, the President and Board Secretary of the RASopathies Network


Tuesday: Avery Roberts, an Organization Volunteer from CureMCD


Wednesday: Rhonda Connolly, the President of the Children's PKU Network


Thursday: Veronica Bonfiglio, Board of Trustees Member of the NBIA Disorders Association




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Come show your RARE and support rare disease education, awareness, and research by attending our Rare Disease Day workshops!