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MSJ Technovation Club Sign-ups
Posted 11/13/20

MSJ Technovation is a club that was recently created! Our goal is to get more women into business and STEM fields. MSJ Technovation aims to prepare our members for the Technovation Challenge (, an annual international competition with over 7000 participants each year geared toward students with an interest in computer science, entrepreneurship, and business leadership. Each team will build a mobile application to solve a modern day social issue, compose a business plan to go along with it, and pitch their ideas to the judges. Join us today to learn how to create your own tech start-up, win at an international competition, familiarize yourself with AI, meet successful guest speakers, attend hackathons, and more! 



Fill out the membership form if you are interested in joining our club! (Our first meeting will be held after Thanksgiving Break.)