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Donate to MSJHS Library!

Our library operates on funding of less than $2.00 per student per year. Your financial donations provide our students with newly released books and magazines and help to bring our nonfiction collection up to date. We also greatly appreciate donations of supplies such as tissue, tape, glue sticks, color pencils and markers, poster paper, sticky notes, and staples. We accept donations of new or gently used fiction books appropriate for 9th grade and higher, new nonfiction books published within the last five years, and current magazines appropriate for high school students. We regret that we cannot accept nonfiction books older than five years, books targeted to students in elementary or middle school, or books with highlighting or other damage. We prefer books that have already been approved for use in our district. Any books not already approved will go through our district's review process depending on the need for the topic in our collection. If a book is not needed or approved, it will be donated elsewhere. 

CUrrent Collection Statistics

  MSJHS Library CDE Model Library Standards
Total Books 16,262 28 books per student w/ 1,920 students (21/22 year) = 53,760

18 years old (nonfiction averages 20 years old)

At least 2/3 is less than 15 years old



36 iMacs (2015)

4 Dell desktop PCs (2018)

1 Dell PC for library circulation system (2006)

Aging Infrastructure

Service Counters (circa 1963)

Large Bookshelves (circa 1963)